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Cardboard packing on demand


“RoboCut” – an innovative robotic arm that helps to manufacture cardboard packages automatically and efficiently. The versatility of this robot allows it to produce cardboard packaging parts in many various sizes and prepares them to be used instantly. The ability to use automatic packaging production also helps avoid unnecessary storage of required materials and easily plan all the processes. To save more time and make it even more efficient, “Robocut” can be simply controlled remotely. Therefore the manual operation is necessary only to activate it. Robot’s custom-made operating system provides additional information on customer orders, the manufacturing process itself and much more. These features help to monitor all the orders and compute the eventual cost.

Production of standard packaging and process management

The management of “RoboCut” is effortless with the help of an automatic production process. Along with the custom-created operational system, the device also has installed DXF file support and FEFCO standard package types, which are mostly used to produce different packages.

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The operation that ensures accuracy and efficiency

The operational principle of “Robocut” is based on accurate cardboard preparation for the final packaging production. The robotic device forms and cuts even the most complex packages with handles. It also can cut packages with an angle from 0° to 360°. Robot’s multi-functional arm is equipped with a rolling tool, vibrating knife, inkjet printer and most importantly — a gripper with adjustable width. Once the “RoboCut” ends his task, it remains to fold them along the embossed lines.

Automated process with no need for rest

“RoboCut” can operate 24/7 or until the task is completed. The number of packages can be set with the help of intuitive control, which requires almost no effort or maintenance. Providing the material and information on exact dimensions or types is more than enough to begin an automatic production process.

Intuitive device management and well-optimized amount of cardboard waste

The custom-made operational system of “RoboCut” allows to simply manage the process of cardboard package production even to the non-qualified employees. Meanwhile, the correct optimization of cardboard usage noticeably reduces the amount of waste and leftovers. It makes this robot become much more environment-friendly.