Robot carpenter


One robot – many different machining solutions

“RoboMill” – one of the most advanced machining devices on the market today. Unique technological basis and exceptional flexibility allow “RoboMill” to automate complex machining processes of components or materials. The workflow automation also helps to avoid accidents that can happen while doing the work manually.

Ability to maintain the workflow for hours

“RoboMill” is designed to independently continue his task until it is done. Depending on the speed of the robot, it is very easy to calculate the preliminary task time and plan further work.

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RoboMill for furniture components production

Incredible flexibility of material machining

The operation of “RoboMill” is based on the ability to use multiple machinery tools simultaneously. Made to operate on various component manufacturing stages, the robot allows proceeding with the help of different tools. “RoboMill” is designed to mill, drill, cut, plane, turn, sand, staple, and assemble components accurately. 

Adaptation to processing for better performance

Probably the best advantage of RoboMill – is the ability to use multiple types of grippers. This allows adapting much better to the size and shape of the components being processed. The automatic component picking and placing system ensure the entire process automation for better performance and faster workflow.