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Painting/Spraying robot


RoboSpray is designed to coat surfaces with paint, glue, primer, or any other required liquid material. The robot has an advanced object positioning system including the 2D camera and monitor.

EASY TO TEACH – the system with endless possibilities

EASY TO TEACH – the unique technology that teaches a robot to replicate hand movements. This system analyses the movements demonstrated by a person and transmits this data to the programme, so that the data could be processed by the robot. Thanks to the artificial intelligence, EASY TO TEACH allows to record a sprayer’s position, trajectory, speed, and even the angle of rotation. This teaching technology is perfectly suitable to all the spraying robots. Extremely accurate and flexible hand movements are needed in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency.

Unleashing Productivity and Precision: Choose Robotic Painting to Achieve Superior Quality

  • Control the amount of materials used (paint, lacquer etc.)
  • Allow existing factory workers to program the robot easily
  • Achieve consistent product quality and throughput
  • Spray small batches
  • RoboSpray can service multiple spraying booths on turn tables, so no time is wasted in product preparation

Dažymo/purškimo robotas

Coating the volumetric object with the required materials

RoboSpray is a versatile robotic solution designed to spray flat or volumetric (3D) surfaces. It allows you to spray on even the most diverse objects quickly and efficiently. The flexible structure of this robot can easily move on different trajectories. This makes it possible to coat simple and complex surfaces with the required materials.

Dažymo/purškimo robotas

Leave all the adhesive spraying operations in upholstery production to the robot

RoboSpray excels at applying glue onto upholstery frames, whether it’s used for attaching foam or in between different layers. This advanced robotic system eliminates the need of manual labor in the traditional process of glue application, saving valuable time and resources.

The EASY TO TEACH solution empowers factory professionals to effortlessly instruct the robot on the necessary tasks, revolutionising the programming process. Rather than spending days programming complex instructions, the user-friendly interface enables experts to directly demonstrate the desired actions to the robot. This intuitive approach dramatically reduces setup time, streamlining the production process for optimal efficiency.

Embrace the future of glue application with RoboSpray and unlock a new level of efficiency in your production line.