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The robot of packaging production at the company of LED illumination solutions BaltLED

A robot producing cardboard packaging templates at the LED lighting production company BaltLED

BaltLED, a company that develops and manufactures LED lighting solutions, is constantly looking for solutions to increase efficiency. The use of the industrial robot “RoboCut” for the production of cardboard packaging liners is one of them. The need of a company with an extremely wide variety of project production is a large number of cardboard boxes of different dimensions.

The robotic system for the production of cardboard packaging templates increases the efficiency of packaging production:

  • packaging of the right size is produced for each product as needed;
  • there is no need to store cardboard packaging templates;
  • when making a package template dcfrom a raw cardboard sheet, the cost of the package is reduced;
  • dependence on external suppliers decreases;
  • delivery of products to the customer is more easily planned.

In the case of client BaltLED, the robotic solution is integrated with the company’s manufacturing resource planning (ERP) system.

In the video below, BaltLED’s head of production and service department Žydrūnė Šilingė shares the experience of applying the robot for the production of cardboard packaging liners.