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We are KUKA official System Partner

KUKA robots

KUKA is a global automation corporation – one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions.

Robots adapted to proceed on various reaches and payload capacities are all a part of the broad product range offered by KUKA. Characterized with different specifications, KUKA robots are a perfect solution to proceed with components up to 1300 kg. Exceptional resistance to environmental factors allows for operating robots under extreme conditions.

Being an official partner of German manufacturer KUKA allows us to not only accommodate various options for purchasing the products but also provide support regarding the potential adaptability of the industrial robots.

  • Order picking and packaging
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Handling for metal die-casting machines
  • Handling for plastics processing machines

Kuka KR Quantec

The versatile KR Quantec robots are designed to automate the performance of different tasks. Quantec series consist of robots with a payload capacity of 120 kg to 300 kg and a reach of 2671 mm to 3904 mm. Robots can be easily mounted in different places or angles.

KUKA KR Quantec robots can be used for:

  • Application of adhesives, sealants or similar materials
  • Handling for machine tools
  • Laser welding and laser cutting
  • Machining of components or materials
  • Soldering
  • Bending, forging or stamping
  • Inserting, mounting and assembly
  • Palletising (Including Blast Freezer palletising)

Kuka KR Cybertech

KUKA KR Cybertech series offers a wide selection of a low payload industrial robots category. These robotic devices are a perfect solution for small rooms. The possible payload of the Cybertech series is from 8 kg to 22 kg. Reach – from 1612 mm to 2013 mm.

KUKA KR Cybertech robots can be used for:

  • Machining
  • Testing or measuring
  • Arc welding
  • Pallesting
  • Stamping
  • Laser welding, laser cutting and waterjet cutting
  • Inserting and mounting
  • Clean room applications

  • Forging and bending
  • Application of adhesives, sealants or similar materials
  • Soldering
  • Handling for machine tools
  • Order picking and packaging

Kuka KR Agilus

Compact KUKA KR Agilus six-axis robots are designed to ensure extremely fast automatization of different tasks. Agilus series consists of robots that can perform on various payload capacities and reaches. Solid housings allow using these robots not only in clean rooms but also in potentially dangerous places.

KUKA KR Agilus robots can be performing on components from 6 kg to 10 kg. with a reach of 707 mm or 1101 mm.

Kuka KR Titan

KUKA KR Titan – six-axis robots fully adapted to work with extremely heavy components or materials. The long and solid body construction can transport various components up to 1300 kg safely and accurately. With the help of massive grippers, KUKA KR Titan can easily transport engine blocks, steel beams, glass, stones, etc. Titan series robots are capable of moving components weighing up to 700 – 1300 kg at a distance of 3200 – 3600 mm.

Kuka – LBR iiwa Cobot

KUKA LBR iiwa offers two different models. One model was created to sustain a payload capacity of 7 kg and a reach of 800 mm. Meanwhile, the other one is capable of lifting 14 kg with a reach of 820 mm.

Each KUKA LBR iiwa robot has 7 rotation axes with special torque sensors installed. This solution allows robots to adapt to the processed components by adjusting speed and force automatically.

Robots have the ability to detect the contours of components and perform their installation ensures exceptional flexibility and accuracy.

Kuka mobile platforms

KUKA AGV – a very convenient and safe way to automate the transportation of materials in warehouses and production facilities. Suitable for loads of different weights, the devices can also be equipped and customized according to personal needs.

With the help of advanced laser sensors, KUKA AGV devices constantly analyze the environment to avoid obstacles when transporting the materials. Robots that meet the highest safety and durability standards also have an automatic navigation system software installed. It helps robots find themselves in the right place at the right time.

KUKA mobile platforms