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About Us

Robotic solutions for furniture and other industries

About us

UAB “Industrial Robotics Company“ – a company that develops innovative and advanced robotics solutions for the proceses automation and increasing production efficiency.

Industrial robots enable the automation of processes such as production, painting, grinding, and similar tasks involved in cardboard packaging and various material components.

Pramoninis robotas

Born from the need to automate

The journey of Industrial Robotics Company is rooted in the experience of its co-founders: Donatas, Andrius, and Tadas. They have been running a successful, small-batch furniture manufacturing company for 20 years, constantly focusing on innovation.

However, they faced a challenge when it came to automating manual labour in factories with diverse products that did not mass produce. The existing robotic solutions from their suppliers simply couldn’t meet their unique production needs. Determined to find a solution, they took matters into their own hands and acquired a few used KUKA robots to explore automation possibilities.
It wasn’t long before they could attach some tools to the robots and prove to themselves that industrial robots could play a significant role in production. However, they quickly realized that the programming of industrial robots presented a new challenge.

Unfazed, they decided to face this challenge head-on and find easy ways to operate such machines. It was this drive and ambition that led to the founding of Industrial Robotics Company, with a clear focus on making robots accessible to regular factory employees.

Pramoninis robotas

The programming of industrial robots is a challenge that has been overcome.

Programming industrial robots is another serious challenge. Unyielding programmers directed their attention towards addressing programming issues and sought the most straightforward method to control robots. The team created an extremely user-friendly program, enabling even production workers with no robotics knowledge to control the robots. This smart system allows you to shorten the processes from days to a few hours. This innovation, born in the Industrial Robotics Company, creates the greatest value for manufacturing companies and allows the professional skills to be transferred to the robot in a demonstration way.

Adapted for production workers

One of the most significant advantages of the solutions offered by Industrial Robotics Company is the exceptionally simple control of the robots. Due to this feature, any production worker can assign tasks to the robot. To ensure the maximum efficiency of robot operations, we offer comprehensive consultations and training to our customers. The control of the robot does not demand specialized knowledge and ensures an extremely flexible application of the solution in production. The ability to effortlessly and swiftly delegate various tasks to the robot is highly relevant for small-batch production companies.

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Paprastai apmokomi pramoniniai robotai

Innovation driven by people

At Industrial Robotics Company we believe that exceptional people are the driving force behind the development of ground breaking solutions. Thanks to our partnership with Kaunas University of Technology, we have the privilege of working with the most talented and driven young individuals in Lithuania. Their youthful energy, optimism, and fresh ideas bring a unique perspective to our projects.

However, innovation must also be grounded in reality, which is where our senior team members play a vital role. With over 20 to 40 years of experience in automation, construction, project management, mechatronics and furniture production, the veterans of our industry bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. They collaborate with our younger employees, combining their wisdom and practical know-how to create innovative and practical robotic systems.

By harnessing the collective power of our team, we can tackle complex challenges, push the boundaries of technology and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Together we are dedicated to revolutionising the world of industrial robotics and making a lasting impact in the field.

Paprastai apmokomi pramoniniai robotai

Robots will improve human jobs

The robots manufactured by UAB Industrial Robotics Company are poised to enhance the work environments of manufacturing companies. Employees will have the capability to control robots, freeing them from monotonous, hazardous, or physically demanding tasks. With the integration of robots, human resources can be optimally utilized for assignments that demand greater creativity, thereby generating higher added value.

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