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ETT for Spraying Applications

Let your painter teach a robot

Incorporating our EASY TO TEACH technology into spraying applications, operators can effortlessly program the robot. A worker needs to demonstrate the desired spraying patterns and techniques in the first part of the batch. The ETT system captures and saves these movements, allowing the robot to replicate them accurately and consistently. You don’t need extensive programming knowledge or expertise in robotics. With this solution, operators can control multiple robots with ease. Our user-friendly solution is particularly valuable for small-batch production scenarios. It can work on a wide variety of parts with different types and dimensions requiring precise and consistent spraying. The technology can be used to spray paint, lacquer, primer, adhesive or even perform sandblasting and other operations where the process can be demonstrated.

Advantages of the ETT:

  • Fast programming. The EASY TO TEACH system significantly reduces the time required for the robot setup, cutting it from entire shifts to just minutes.
  • Transfer the know-how. Record and transfer years of experience and expertise from skilled workers to industrial robots.
  • No-coding. Even a worker with minimal training can easily operate the system after a short introduction, eliminating the need for specialised robotics or programming knowledge.
  • High accuracy. The system offers precision up to 1mm, ensuring accurate and reliable performance in various applications.
  • High data collection rate. The tracker collects a substantial amount of data, capturing anywhere from 75 to 163 points per second where each point carries the coordinates, tool angles and time-stamp.
  • Path editing. Our software allows you to edit the recorded paths to your liking, allowing you to adjust the speed, tool angle, and position of each gathered point or the whole trajectory.
  • Integration with regular tools. The system can be mounted on regular or 3D-printed mock-up tools, letting workers use their familiar instrument to teach the robot, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.
  • Customisable function buttons. Additional function buttons can be added to the tools. Such as ‘Start/End Spraying’, ‘Rotate the Table’ and others, further enhancing control and functionality.
  • Scalability. By adding more optical cameras, the working area can be expanded or the accuracy of the solution can be increased, by individual needs.
  • Remote path recording. The ETT solution can also record the paths in a different location than the robot itself, providing flexibility and convenience in setup and teaching.
  • Continuous software development. Our software is being constantly developed and updated, ensuring that users benefit from the latest features and improvements.
  • Easy setup. The system is designed for easy and straightforward setup, minimising downtime, and maximising productivity.
  • Camera cases. Protective, 3D-printed cases can protect the cameras when they are set up in production while the robot is working, preventing damage from dust, paint, or other materials.

No-code robot training solution EASY TO TEACH for spraying

No-code robot training solution set
No code robotics for spraying