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2022 July 120

Corrugated cardboard packaging is an environmentally friendly solution

Corrugated cardboard packaging is an environmentally friendly solution. Packaging products in paper-based boxes is a business contribution to nature conservation. Recycled paper makes up most of the raw material for corrugated cardboard production. Cardboard packaging can be appropriately recycled after use. Corrugated cardboard packaging is one of the most commonly recycled paper products today. Efficient recycling processes allow the reuse of corrugated boards for new packaging. Recycled paper accounts for 89% of the raw material for new corrugated boxes, ensuring the uninterrupted service life of the paper fiber.
Corrugated cardboard is a widely recycled material that, when used can lessen the environmental impact of packaging as waste is significantly reduced.
Corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping and handling with their strength offering packaging protection for all kinds of products. The corrugated carton can withstand long shipping times, making it top of the list regarding packaging solutions.
Environmentally harmful bleaches are not used in the production of cardboard. The production of cardboard from recyclable materials uses less energy and reduces CO2 emissions – the production is made from local raw materials, so long-distance transportation is unnecessary.
Corrugated cardboard is amongst the most environmentally friendly packaging materials available. Boxes made from cardboard can easily be folded away, making them easy for the recipients of deliveries to reuse.
Many consumers are already paying attention to the products of companies that care about the environment. This trend will only intensify in the future. Companies that still package plastics are risking their image in the eyes of customers who care about the environment. Ethical and responsible business today is unimaginable without proper attention to environmentally friendly packaging solutions.
Environmental friendliness is far from the only advantage of corrugated packaging. Corrugated cardboard has strength, relatively low cost, and low weight. This choice ensures adequate protection of the product during transport.
Choosing the right packaging size is essential – it continues to be environmentally friendly. After all, too large packaging means not only excessive consumption of materials and increased costs (as well as the need to use additional fillers in packaging) but also the fact that fewer goods will fit during transportation – the delivery of the company’s products will leave a more noticeable carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is an indicator of the impact of an activity, person, or country on climate change.
Industrial Robotics Company has developed a solution – the cardboard packaging robot RoboCut, which can help produce environmentally friendly corrugated boards on demand. RoboCut is an industrial robot that helps to make cardboard packaging and its parts efficiently. The dynamism and versatility of this device allow you to produce packaging of various sizes and prepare them for use in an instant. The possibility to automate the production of cardboard packaging allows avoiding the persistent storage of packaging of specific dimensions to conveniently plan the required amount of packaging and their production time. The robot for the production of cartons -RoboCut – can be controlled remotely – a physical presence is only necessary to activate it for work.

Industrial robot plotter for cardboad cutting, package liners production

RoboCut is an excellent solution for companies that produce different custom orders. In this case, the need for a specific package size starts from 1 pc. Meanwhile, when ordering corrugated cardboard box liners from manufacturers of packaging materials, a minimum order quantity requirement is usually applied. Dedicated workers are often needed to produce cardboard box liners on site. An industrial robot for making cardboard packaging liners will allow the production of packaging on-demand using minimal human resources.

RoboCut - industrial robot plotter for cardboad packages cutting
Advantages of RoboCut corrugated cardboard production robot:
On-demand packaging production is lower cost and saves storage space;
Cardboard waste is reduced – the robot makes optimal use of raw cardboard;
Simple management – the solution can be used by any production worker; no special knowledge is required.

Industrial robot RoboCut for furniture and other industries: cardboad packages production
Is RoboCut, a robot designed to produce corrugated cardboard liners, suitable for packaging your products? Several criteria are worth evaluating:
1. If you use more than 8000 m2 of cardboard for packaging;
2. If you use more than 50 different sizes of tiles per month.
Practice shows that the robot for the production of corrugated cardboard packaging on demand is excellent in the field of furniture production. Custom-made furniture often requires many different sizes of packaging. This need is perfectly met by the industrial robot RoboCut, which helps to cut packages from raw cardboard. The function of producing cardboard packaging in a furniture manufacturing company shortens the total order fulfillment time. The production of robot-assisted packaging does not require personnel to perform that function alone.
Want to know more about the corrugated cardboard packaging tile preparation robot? Contact us, and we will arrange a more detailed presentation of the robot’s capabilities.