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Industrial robot RoboSand: a solution for sanding and milling

2022 August 160

Industrial robot RoboSand: a solution for sanding and milling

RoboSand is an industrial robot adapted for sanding and milling flat and volumetric surfaces. By changing the different tools of the robotic arm, parts of various sizes and shapes can be sanded and milled.

By combining more than one function, this multipurpose 6-axis robot outperforms standard CNC machines with its flexibility. This robotic cell is equipped with an automatic tool changing station that can switch to a spindle-in-hand (HSK) which can switch between different tools for processing even the most complex 3D objects. The reach of the robotic arm (up to 2900mm) allows the processing of extremely large parts, and the rotary table provides the opportunity to process the part from all sides.


The sanding robot can automatically change the sanding pads. The pad changing station can be equipped with different grades of sandpaper.


No complicated programming of the robot is required to determine the sanding trajectories. The convenient robot training system “Easy to Teach” will allow the operator to start work quickly and easily. It only takes three simple steps:

  1. Show the sanding path using a sanding tool familiar to the operator.
  2. The shown sanding trajectory is captured and displayed on the computer screen with the possibility to edit the speed, angle, path, and etc.
  3. The robot starts working according to the operator’s instructions.

  • A robotic sanding solution will ensure consistent quality.
  • By handing over physically demanding work to a robot, you will create better working conditions for employees.
  • Such a system will help to create a uniform pace of work and cyclical production.

You can find more information about the grinding and milling industrial robot here.

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