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A glue spraying robotic solution at the upholstered furniture company

Leave all the adhesive spraying operations in upholstery production to the robot

A robotic solution that increases production efficiency is used for spraying glue onto upholstery frames before attaching foam or in between its layers. With the use of an industrial robot, up to three foam applicators can be serviced at the same time:

  1. The worker places the frame on the work table and rotates the product towards the robot’s working area, confirming it with the click of a button, while another product is being turned towards it;
  2. The robot, which moves with the help of rail systems, arrives at the place where a specific product is being held and performs the glue spraying operation on the furniture frame;
  3. After the frame has been sprayed with glue and turned towards the worker, they attach the foam or polyester fiber.

Up to six products can be processed at the same time in the robotic cell. The products can be either identical or completely different. A highly intuitive software has been developed, whose internal algorithms will ensure maximum efficiency between the robot and the worker. The robotic glue spraying system ensures a steady work cycle.

If glue is sprayed by the robot, the workers no longer need to perform the spraying operation themselves, and no time is wasted retrieving the tool; human error is avoided; it’s ensured that the required amount of glue is sprayed. The robotic solution protects human health from the harmful effects of chemicals and helps to achieve maximum productivity in the production of upholstered furniture.

The workplaces in the robot cell of adhesive spraying are equipped with computers and monitors – they are used to select and control the tasks. In addition, the monitor screen can display useful information for the workers, such as cycle time, product drawings, and the progress of production operations.

An exceptional feature of the robotic system of adhesive spraying is its extremely easy robot control. The unique EASY TO TEACH training system enables an employee without any specific knowledge of robotics or programming to prepare the robot for work. The person demonstrates the task to the robot by showing how they would perform it themselves. Thanks to the use of unique software, the movements of the person’s hand captured by the cameras and sensors are translated into a language understandable to the robot. Simple and quick robot training imposes no requirements on the operators’ qualifications and reduces robot programming time from shifts to minutes.