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Easy to teach

No-code robot training solution

Easy to teach

“Easy to teach” is one of the most advanced technologies for convenient and fast no-code training of robots. This system can analyze the actions performed in space and turn them into a digital program that can be processed by robots. The “Easy to teach” robot training system analyzes and adjusts the tool trajectory, speed, and angle of rotation in an automated robot work process.

Transfer the capabilities of any highly skilled painter or welder to an industrial robot easily and quickly with Easy to teach no code robot training technology. The robot, which guarantees perfect quality through precise repeatability, can now be trained simply and quickly.

Easy and fast training technology guarantees an extremely wide range of applications for industrial robots. A robotic system that requires no programming knowledge can be operated by almost any production worker. This is what the technology for easy training of robots provides. Robotic control that requires no programming knowledge ensures the ability to change robot tasks quickly. In this way, the robot can also be used to produce small batches.

The easy-to-operate robot will become an irreplaceable member of the team of any manufacturing company. A painting or welding robot, the operation of which does not require highly qualified personnel, can be used for a wide variety of tasks. An easy-to-train industrial robot will have a high degree of flexibility – it will be able to be used continuously – regardless of the changing nature of production.

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No-code robot training solution set

By repeating the person’s hand movements, the installed “Easy to teach” robot training system provides accuracy and high quality in the processes, where it matters the most. That is why “Easy to teach” is the best solution for painting, gluing, sanding or welding automation.

No-code robot training solution set

Combine the creativity of your employees with the consistency of a robot and produce more, faster, with better quality.

Thanks to the easy training of the robots, each production worker can work in a team with the robot. This does not require the constant help of external automation solution providers.

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