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RoboCut – Standard Edition

The autonomous robotic plotter producing custom cardboard packaging

This innovative robotic solution for customised cardboard was developed to provide the ability to produce cardboard packages in-house and on demand. This robotic system is dedicated to companies that produce a wide variety of products and package them in cardboard boxes of different sizes.

RoboCut automates the process of creating customised cardboard packaging which increases production efficiency. Its ease of use will allow any factory or administration employee to operate the solution remotely, it will work autonomously 24/7 until your orders are completed.

Advantages of the RoboCut solution:

  • Saving costs. Purchase only raw cardboard sheets instead of finished packages.
  • Short supply chain. Allows to produce packages in-house.
  • Customer-friendly.Eliminates the need to buy excessive MOQs.
  • Saves space. You don’t need storage packages since everything is produced on demand.
  • Quality.Ensures consistent quality and output of produced packages.
  • User friendly.Does not require any robotics or programming knowledge to operate.
  • System alerts. Notification system alerting the operator about finished orders or other information.
  • Autonomous.Takes a sheet from the pallet, places it on the vacuum table, processes it, and places it on the pallet of finished products, by itself. The solution can operate without human interference until it has raw materials and orders to process.
  • Optimisation of workforce.Can do a lot of work without human interference.
  • ERP system.Possible integration with the ERP system.
  • Sustainable. An integrated nesting system minimises material waste in the process. Can produce packages of different types and dimensions on one raw sheet of cardboard.
  • Individual box templates. Choose from a standard FEFCO collection or create your own custom boxes by uploading a DXF file.
  • Cuts any shape. Unlike most other cardboard cutting machines, which cut only at 90° angles, our solution can cut in radiuses and in any other shape.
  • Multifunctional tool.Has a built-in inkjet printer in order to print an order number on the inside of the package.
  • Wide application.Can work with different types of cardboard such as 3-layered or 5-layered.

RoboCut’s Effortless Cardboard Processing

The operator must provide a pallet of raw material and create orders in the system, which can be conveniently done remotely. Once the system is supplied, the robotic arm takes over and operates autonomously without the need for human interference.

Equipped with a versatile gripper head, RoboCut efficiently handles raw sheets of cardboard of different sizes, placing them on the vacuum table for processing. The gripper features a vibrating knife for making precise cutting lines, a rolling pin for bending lines, and an inkjet printer capable of printing order numbers or company codes on the inside of the boxes.

Throughout the cutting process, RoboCut ensures the micro joints are strategically placed, enabling the safe removal of the finished cardboard sheet from the vacuum table onto the designated pallet. The remaining step involves breaking the sheet into pieces that are ready for packaging.

This solution can produce up to 75,000m2 of unique packages per month. The return on investment (ROI) for this system is straightforward to calculate. By comparing the cost of purchasing raw materials for RoboCut to process with the price of the finished packages, you can easily determine the financial benefits. Additionally, this calculation can consider the elimination of leftover packages and the freeing up of valuable storage space, further increasing the ROI.

If your factory produces packages by hand, then implementing this system can potentially free up to four employees, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

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