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End of line packing solution developed for companies manufacturing flat-packed furniture

Product packaging – placing the product in a box on a moving conveyor line – can be done productively with the help of a robot. Using a robot for packaging at the end of the production line helps significantly improve efficiency. With the help of a robot, people performing the simple task of putting it into a package can work in more ergonomic workplaces where they do not have to shift weights.

The innovative robotic solution developed by “Vekompani” is intended for these tasks:

  • The robot picks up the product,
  • Ensures its required position for packing
  • Places in a box on a moving conveyor.

Advantages of the RoboPack Upholstery Edition:

  • User-friendly: software that requires no programming or robotics knowledge.
  • Smart grippers: change or form grippers automatically.
  • Easy calibration: pick up parts from a non-positioned stack by recognizing their centres.
  • Autonomous: feed stacks and remove empty pallets automatically.
  • Safe: pick up and separate stuck parts safely. Adjust the position and angle of each picked part.
  • Smart: detect box position and identify the location of the picked part in the box.
  • Precise: place parts into a box with precision.
  • Efficient: work from two stacks simultaneously.
  • Fact: pack up to 10 parts per minute.
  • Compatible: a compact robotic cell that integrates within the existing factory line