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RoboSpray – Standard Edition

Transfer years of experience of a skilled expert to a spraying robot in minutes

Robotic painting solutions have established a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and consistent spraying performance, particularly in the automotive industry where they have been widely employed for years. Historically, the integration of these systems was limited to mass production due to the complexities involved in the programming process of industrial robots for precise material application. Not anymore! With our innovative easy learning industrial robot technology – EASY TO TEACH, it’s possible for a regular painter with no robotics or programming knowledge to operate an industrial painting robot by simply demonstrating the desired movements with his regular tool. The robot will replicate the demonstrated actions, effectively transferring the painter’s know-how to the machine. This makes RoboSpray the most versatile and easy-to-use spraying solution on the market, meaning it can be adapted to small-batch production in various industries.

Advantages of the RoboSpray – Standard Edition

  • Easy operation with the EASY TO TEACH solution. Spray the first part and the robot will replicate the process for the rest of the batch.
  • Spraying recipe creation. Use separate QubiCoat software for an even easier setup of the robot to spray flat and cube-shaped objects by simply creating the recipes for the spraying process (including the tool angle, distance to the part, step size, speed, etc.).
  • Automated recipe adjustment. QubiCoat visual system has the capability to automatically detect the dimensions and position of the part, and relay the information to the software. Then adjust the spraying recipe accordingly to match the correct dimensions of the part. Additionally, it can serve as a visual positioning system.
  • Quick setup for the next batches. Our innovative software enables quick and easy configuration of the robotic spraying system for the next production run, saving time and enhancing productivity.
  • Small-batch production capability. Easily adjust the system for batches of different types and dimensions, providing flexibility in production processes.
  • Versatility in material spraying. The robotic system can handle various materials depending on the spraying system installed on the robot. Spray paint, lacquer, primer, adhesive, and more, catering to different coating requirements.
  • Customisable complexity levels. Choose the suitable complexity level of the system, from entry-level to high-end solutions, based on specific needs and budget.
  • Compatibility with different spraying systems. RoboSpray can be adapted to work with spraying systems from various suppliers such as Wagner, Sames, Sata, Graco, etc.
  • ATEX certification. The robot can be certified for category 3G and is safe to use in Zone 2 environments, meeting the safety requirements for hazardous locations.
  • Quality. The robotic system ensures the constant quality of a painting.
  • Material output. The system maintains a consistent and reliable output of paint, ensuring efficient and predictable results.
  • 24/7 production. The solution ensures an uninterrupted production process by efficiently managing multiple workstations or parts from the conveyor system.

Scalable solution to fit your production needs

RoboSpray offers scalability to accommodate your production requirements. The entry-level RoboSpray solution is suitable for basic spraying operations and can be enhanced with additional options as needed for increased effectiveness. For higher standards and advanced capabilities, the high-end version of the system is available. It can include such features as a 3-piece conveyor feeding system, rotating positioning table, suction booth, multiple software options for spraying flat and volumetric surfaces, a visual positioning system, and monitors displaying relevant production information and other features. You decide on the level of automation you want to achieve.