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RoboSand – Standard Edition

Next-level automation of material removal

The demand for the automation of tedious and hazardous operations of surface material removal is increasing. This makes our RoboSand an extremely practical solution for such operations as sanding, grinding, polishing, buffing, etc. With the tool in hand, the robot can relentlessly perform these operations with ease, while saving costs on abrasives. Unlike human workers who discard abrasives at their convenience, the robot follows a predefined cycle, ensuring the optimal usage of abrasives.

Advantages of the RoboSand – Standard Edition

  • Increased efficiency. Can tirelessly perform sanding, grinding, and polishing operations reducing the need for manual labor and increasing productivity.
  • Enhanced safety. Automating hazardous tasks of material removal, no need to work in a dusty environment, and no harmful vibrations, when operating palm sanders.
  • Flexibility. The solution can perform material removal operations on flat and volumetric (3D) objects.
  • Small-batch production capability. RoboSand can be set up for the next batch very quickly and easily.
  • Cost savings. Optimises the usage of abrasives, reducing waste and lowering operational costs.
  • Time savings. Continuous operations and adjustable capabilities of sanding speed accelerate the production process.
  • Consistency and repeatability. The robot consistently follows predefined patterns, ensuring best results for every workpiece.
  • User friendly. There are 3 different intuitive ways to operate the system. It can be done either with EASY TO TEACH or SprutCAM for volumetric (3D) objects and QuickSand software can be used for flat surfaces.
  • Adjustable pressure. The robot applies the desired level of pressure, guaranteeing precise control over the sanding process through uneven surfaces.
  • Multiple workstations option. We can incorporate multiple workstations with rotating tables in order to process bigger parts, which ensures a seamless production process.

Making the process of material removal easy

Operating an industrial sanding robot has never been easier. If you need to process flat surfaces, our QuickSand software is the way to go. It allows to take a photo of the object, then you need to select the areas you want to sand with the click of a mouse, then run the system. For working on more complex 3D objects, our proprietary EASY TO TEACH technology can be used to demonstrate to the robot how and where to sand, transferring the know-how of the experienced employee to the robot. Alternatively, the CAD/CAM software SprutCAM can be used to generate movement trajectories. To compensate for uneven surfaces, we have implemented a passive compensation system between the tool and the robot, which is regulated with compressed air. If extra precision is required, an active compensation unit can be fitted allowing the robot to apply the desired level of pressure. Additionally, the system is equipped with an automatic abrasive pad changing station to minimise employee intervention.

An industrial robot for sanding