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RoboMill – Assembler Edition

Taking the next step in upholstery frame production

This unique and flexible solution is designed specifically for the wood components manufacturing, processing and assembly of furniture frame parts. With this system, the labour-intensive task of manually assembling and stapling furniture frames is automated, saving time and increasing production efficiency. To further elevate your production capabilities, additional work posts with milling and drilling tools can be implemented, thus, boosting production efficiency even more.

Advantages of the RoboMill – Assembler Edition

  • Autonomous. The RoboMill – Assembler Edition can work independently as long as there are parts to process or orders to complete.
  • Flexible workstations. It offers the flexibility to have up to nine work posts, each equipped with different tools for specific operations or templates/conductors and racks to accommodate a wider variety of parts.
  • Multifunctional end-effector. The robot’s tool can be equipped with a suction gripper for picking up and placing parts, as well as a staple gun, eliminating the need for end-effector changes and saving time.
  • Automated staple reloading. It can be equipped with an automatic staple reloading station, minimising employee interference and increasing efficiency.
  • Batch production capability. RoboMill can adapt to different batches of products quickly and easily.
  • Customisable setup. Processing stations, feeding systems, tools, and grippers can be customised to meet the specific needs of a factory.
  • User-friendly. The solution is designed to be operated without the need for robotics or programming expertise. The CAD/CAM system, SprutCAM, allows technologists or CNC operators to create projects, while the user-friendly interface simplifies the robot setup.
  • Multiple operations. The RoboMill – Assembler Edition can perform various operations such as milling, drilling, assembling, and stapling parts together, as well as gluing additional parts onto the frame.

Optimised processing and assembly

The racks of parts can be fitted around the RoboMill – Assembler Edition, so, the robot can take the blank, then perform additional operations such as milling and drilling, and assemble the parts in the template / conductor. After the assembly, the parts are joined together using the automatic staple gun. Moreover, this robotic system has the capability to apply adhesive in order to attach supplementary components to the assembled frame. When the robot has finished producing the part, it will place it on top of the conveyor and from there it can move to the next step in production.