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RoboMill – Solid Wood Edition

A tireless robotic carpenter without the attitude

Attracting skilled carpenters is becoming increasingly challenging. Safety concerns associated with sharp, fast-spinning tools further limit the workforce. However, RoboMill is an exceptional robotic solution for wood components manufacturing. It fearlessly processes parts with various stationed tools for wood processing. Unlike human workers, RoboMill never tires doesn’t require any breaks or holidays, does not get sick, doesn’t have the attitude and never says no to more work. With exceptional precision and craftsmanship, it produces intricate parts that are often too complex for CNC machines. The automated gripper changing station enables RoboMill to process parts of different types and dimensions. This makes this solution versatile for small-batch manufacturing. Unlike CNC machines, RoboMill eliminates the need for constant part feeding by operators. Simply load the conveyor with blanks of different batches, initiate the system, and watch the robotic carpenter work without any operator’s interference.

Advantages of the robotic carpenter – RoboMill

  • Autonomous operation. RoboMill works independently as long as there is a batch of parts to process or until the orders are finished.
  • Versatile processing capabilities. It can drill, mill, cut, sand, route and perform other operations using the processing stations positioned around it.
  • Multi-work post configuration. RoboMill offers the flexibility to accommodate up to nine work posts. Each is equipped with different tools for specific operations. This capability allows one to perform various operations on a single part in one take.
  • Automatic gripper changing station. The solution seamlessly and automatically switches among different grippers used for parts of various types and dimensions.
  • Small-batch production capability. RoboMill excels at producing solid wood parts in small-batch production.
  • Customisation options. Processing stations, conveyor belts, tools, and grippers can be customised to suit the specific needs of a factory.
  • Streamlined internal logistics. Many operations are carried out within the robotic cell. Reducing the time and effort spent on internal logistics and eliminating the need to move parts to different workstations within the factory.
  • Consistent quality. RoboMill ensures consistent quality and repeatability.
  • Enhanced efficiency. By centralising all processes in one area, RoboMill allows employees to work on other tasks while it completes orders autonomously.
  • Ease of use. The solution is designed to be operated without the need for a robotics or programming expert. The CAD/CAM system, SprutCAM, enables technologists or CNC operators to create projects, while the user-friendly interface simplifies the robot setup.
  • Template-free operation. Unlike manual methods, RoboMill eliminates the need to create templates for each detail, saving time and effort.

Innovative approach to the automation of manual production of complex parts

Acting as a skilled carpenter, RoboMill processes wooden parts across multiple workstations positioned around it. These workstations can be customised with specific tools required to produce intricate components. Designed for ease of operation, RoboMill lets regular factory employees control the system easily. When CAD/CAM projects are created with SprutCAM, the operator simply needs to enter the order number, and quantity, load the blanks onto the conveyor, and initiate the system. From there, the robotic carpenter autonomously executes the tasks. To minimise human error, the system incorporates fail-safes that prompt the operators to verify that the correct tools, blanks, and grippers have been selected. The software estimates the remaining processing time for the batch after it has finished processing the first part of the batch. Once processed, the part is placed on the top conveyor to be taken to the next stage of production.

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