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RoboSand – Frame Assembly Edition

Providing a helping hand in the operations of upholstery frame assembly

Assembling frames in upholstery can be a tedious task that requires precision and attention to detail. With RoboSand, this process becomes more efficient and less complicated. Since the robot can be equipped with multiple staple guns, we can transfer the stapling operation from the person to the robot, ensuring accuracy and consistency. This frees up employees to focus on preparing new parts and placing them in the template, increasing the overall production efficiency. To further enhance productivity, relevant information can be displayed on nearby monitors, providing guidance to employees and production managers regarding the part placement, work time, downtime, etc.

Advantages of the RoboSand – Frame Assembly Edition

  • Precision stapling. The robot ensures accurate stapling in the correct position, avoiding errors and eliminating the need for corrective actions.
  • Streamlined production. Time-consuming movements like searching for and handling the staple gun are eliminated, allowing employees to focus on efficient frame assembly.
  • Continuous staple output. The system maintains a constant supply of staples, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.
  • Automatic staple reloads. An automatic reload station minimises employee intervention, optimising the robot’s performance.
  • Improved cycle time. The consistent stapling speed allows workers to prepare the next part while the robot is still stapling, increasing production efficiency.
  • Custom templates. Specially designed templates facilitate quick placement of frame parts, further enhancing productivity.
  • Versatility. The system can handle furniture of different types and dimensions within a single robotic cell.
  • Increased throughput. Up to three workers can simultaneously handle six products, maximising the output.
  • Easy programming. EASY TO TEACH system provides an opportunity to configure a new program very quickly just by showing the robot where to staple.
  • Batch production capability. The solution can be quickly reconfigured to serve a different batch of products.

Collaborating with an industrial robot to maximise performance

By implementing the RoboSand – Frame Assembly edition, efficiency is boosted not only through the elimination of manual stapling operations. Workers are integrated into a cohesive system where they operate independently, but adhere to a predetermined timeframe, maximising productivity.

The innovative double-sided workstations enable seamless production, with the employees on one side and the robot handling stapling operations on the other. This setup promises simultaneous processing of different batches across multiple workstations.

Additionally, our user-friendly EASY TO TEACH technology simplifies the programming of the robot’s stapling locations. Operators can effortlessly demonstrate the desired areas to staple, and the robot will replicate those movements accurately. This intuitive approach eliminates the need for complex programming and ensures a seamless setup process.