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A component milling robot at the upholstery frames manufacturing company INWOOD

A component milling robot at the upholstery frames manufacturing company INWOOD

In the Danish-owned company Inwood, we have implemented the industrial robot called RoboMill that performs the functions of a carpenter and manufactures furniture components made of solid wood. By applying this robotic solution, the tasks that were previously performed by different employees and equipment have been taken over.

One of the main advantages of this system is the convenient arrangement of workstations around the robot, each equipped with different tools for cutting, drilling, milling, sanding, and other operations. By performing multiple production operations in one place, the logistics time of components in the factory is significantly reduced. Depending on the size or shape of the produced part, different robot grippers can be used. With the ability to automatically change the grippers, the robot can process various products and sizes based on demand, making this system suitable for small-batch production.

Komponentų gamybos robotas įmonėje Inwood

Different ways the robotic solution increases the manufacturing efficiency of wooden furniture components:

  • An automated feeding and retrieval system ensures the robot’s independent operation, ensuring the ongoing production of furniture parts even when there is no operator nearby.
  • No templates are required for the furniture component production, significantly shortening the manufacturing process, and reducing the setup costs.
  • It is suitable for producing complex furniture components and performing final finishing.
  • High precision is guaranteed in the production of furniture components.
  • By using different tools in one place, the internal logistics time is saved.

The industrial robot RoboMill features a user-friendly interface, following the principles of programming in CNC machines. It utilises a CAD/CAM system, eliminating the need to search for employees with specific robotics or programming knowledge in order to operate RoboMill.