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An industrial robot producing packaging templates at the furniture company MEDIENOS ERA

An industrial robot producing packaging templates at the furniture company MEDIENOS ERA

The company MEDIENOS ERA, which manufactures cabinet furniture, exports a significant portion of its production. To ensure quality during transportation, each piece of furniture requires packaging of the appropriate size and composition. Since the company produces about 2000 different types and sizes of furniture, purchasing packaging from suppliers is expensive. Therefore, before automating the production of cardboard packaging, four employees used to manually produce packages for all the furniture sold by the company, performing actions by hand. With the implementation of RoboCut, only one person is now needed to work part-time and ensure that the robot has raw materials in order to prepare packaging templates. The remaining operations of the cardboard packaging production are performed autonomously by the robotic cell.

The application of the industrial robot, RoboCut, in this company has created the opportunity to produce packages of different shapes and sizes. Our programme automatically arranges them on raw cardboard sheets, maximising their utilisation. When producing packaging, the production needs are taken into consideration, allowing MEDIENOS ERA to avoid excess cardboard packaging and storage. Thanks to the robot’s precise replication, the consistent quality of packaging is maintained.

Advantages of using the industrial robot, RoboCut, for the cardboard packaging production:

  • Cardboard packaging can be produced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any interruption.
  • Each product is locally produced with the custom-size packaging taking into consideration the needs of demand.
  • There is no need to store cardboard packaging templates.
  • Waste of cardboard packaging is reduced.
  • Producing packaging from raw cardboard sheets reduces the cost of packaging.
  • Dependence on external suppliers is reduced.
  • Furniture delivery to customers is easier to plan.

The user-friendly RoboCut software ensures that even employees who do not have any specific knowledge of robotics or programming can place the order for the packaging production. In the MEDIENOS ERA company, this function is performed by the production manager. Throughout the day, all departments send their “tomorrow’s” requirements to the manager, who organises that the robot has enough raw cardboard and ensures that the next day’s orders are completed overnight. As a result, at the start of the next shift, the cardboard packaging is ready for packing.