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RoboSand – CNC Edition

Flexible robotic CNC machine with material removal capabilities

By integrating an automatic tool changing station and a spindle with an HSK connection, our robotic solution for sanding, milling, and polishing, evolves into a 6-axis CNC machine with sanding capabilities. This enhanced system enables easy transitions among various processing tasks, effortlessly switching from machining operations to orbital sanding, polishing, and grinding. The versatility and multifunctionality of this advanced machine make it a highly cost-effective solution for optimising manufacturing processes.

Advantages of the RoboSand – CNC Edition

  • Multifunctional. An automatic tool changing station enhances RoboSand with CNC machining and material removal capabilities on both flat and volumetric (3D) objects.
  • Extended reach. The system can process parts of larger sizes, surpassing the spatial limitations of regular CNC machines.
  • Increased productivity. RoboSand diligently performs machining and sanding operations, reducing the reliance on manual labour and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Precision. The system ensures high levels of accuracy in its machining functions, delivering consistent and repeatable results.
  • Small-batch production capability. RoboSand can be set up for the next batch very quickly and easily.
  • User-friendly. The RoboSand CNC Edition can be operated using SprutCAM, CAD/CAM software, intuitive to factory operators. Additional software such as EASY TO TEACH or QuickSand can be implemented.
  • Consistency and repeatability. The system guarantees consistent and repeatable performance throughout the machining and sanding processes.
  • Versatile options of tools. A wide range of tool options is available for the spindle with an HSK connection for diverse and complex machining applications.

Reaching out to increase production efficiency

The robot’s spindle is capable of seamlessly changing tools to perform machining operations such as milling, routing, deburring, drilling, sand brushing, cutting and others, allowing the RoboSand CNC Edition to create complex 3D sculptures, milling out bathtubs, defect deburring in die-cast moulding operations, furniture production and much more. With the use of intuitive CAD/CAM software, SprutCAM, RoboSand can achieve impeccable accuracy. The extended reach of 3,1m provides the robot with the capability to operate on objects far out of reach for regular CNC machines.

An industrial robot for sanding