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The importance of easy robot training

2022 April 220

The importance of easy robot training

Many business owners today understand the need to look around for robotic solutions. It looks like an unavoidable future. Nevertheless, there are hesitations – how to successfully deploy robots and make the most of their advantages in production?

Experience shows that the usefulness of robots always depends on the people who install them and work with them.

After a good analysis of the production company’s processes and the proper application of a particular robot, the challenge to use it successfully remains. In this case, easy control of the robot is a crucial factor. The industrial robot operated by any production worker will be able to be used extremely flexibly without the help of external consultants. This will not require the special skills of workers working in a team with a robot. The robot will not be left without work, even in a company with a high turnover of employees or a variety of products.

Choose the robot cell which is the most suitable for your production:

The robot performing the functions of a carpenter will be able to be operated by any CNC machine operator. The control of the robot for the production of cardboard packaging liners is even simpler. Grinding and painting robots can be trained using the unique “Easy to teach” no-code robot training technology – by capturing the movements of the human hand for the task of painting, spraying, grinding, or gluing.
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